Ali Hyder

Postdoctoral Fellow  

Department of Mathematics
Johns Hopkins University

Krieger Hall
Room  221
Baltimore, MD, 21218


Research Interests


  1. Local and nonlocal problems regarding the Q-curvature and the Adams-Moser-Trudinger inequalities
    Doctoral Dissertation (2017),  (Download)
  2. Conformal metrics on R^2m with constant Q-curvature, prescribed volume and asymptotic behavior
    (With L. Martinazzi) Discrete Contin. Dynam. Systems, A. 35 (2015),  no. 1, 283-299. (Journal/arXiv)
  3. Existence of entire solutions to a fractional Liouville equation in R^n
    Rend. Lincei. Mat. Appl. 27 (2016), 1-14. (Journal/arXiv)
  4. Moser functions and fractional Moser-Trudinger type inequalities
    Nonlinear Analysis. 146 (2016), 185-210. (Journal/arXiv)
  5. Conformally Euclidean metrics on R^n with arbitrary total Q-curvature
    Analysis & PDE. 10 (2017), no. 3, 635-652. (Journal/arXiv)
  6. Large blow-up sets for the prescribed Q-curvature equation in the Euclidean space
    (With S. Iula and  L. Martinazzi) Commun. Contemp. Math (2018), (Journal/arXiv)
  7. Structure of conformal metrics on R^n with constant Q-curvature
    Differential and Integral Equations 32 (2019), no. 7-8, 423-454. (Journal/arXiv)
  8. The non-local mean-field equation on an interval
    (With A. Delatorre, L. Martinazzi and Y. Sire) Commun. Contemp. Math (2019) (Journal/arXiv)
  9. Higher order conformally invariant equations in R^3 with prescribed volume
    (With J. Wei) Comm. Pure Appl. Anal. 18(5): (2019) 2757-2764. (Jounal/arXiv)
  10. Local and nonlocal singular Liouville equations in Euclidean spaces,
    (With G. Mancini and L. Martinazzi) Int. Math. Res. Not. (IMRN) (2019). (Journal/arXiv)
  11. Non-radial solutions to a bi-harmonic negative exponent problem
    (With J. Wei)  Calc. Var. PDE. (2019), Paper No. 198, 11pp.  (Journal/arXiv)  
  12. On SU(3) Toda system with multiple singular sources
    (With C.-S. Lin and  J. Wei) Pacific J. Mathematics, 305 (2020), 645-666.  (Journal/arXiv)
  13. On the general Toda system with multiple singular points
    (With J. Wei and W. Yang)  Calc. Var. PDE 59 (2020) Paper No. 136. (Journal/arXiv)
  14. Concentration phenomena to a higher order Liouville equation
    Calc. Var. PDE 59  (2020) Paper No. 126. (Journal/arXiv)
  15. Gluing metrics with prescribed Q-curvature and different asymptotic behaviour in high dimension
    (With L. Martinazzi)  To appear in Ann. Sc. Norm. Super. Pisa Cl. Sci. (2021). (Journal/arXiv)
  16. Removability of singularities and superharmonicity for some fractional Laplacian equations
    (With W. Ao, M. D. M. Gonzalez and J. Wei)  To appear in Indiana Univ. Math. J.  (Journal/arXiv)
  17. Classification of stable solutions to a non-local Gelfand-Liouville equation
    (With W. Yang) To appear in Int. Math. Res. Not. (IMRN). (arXiv)
  18. Concentration phenomena for the fractional Q-curvature equation in dimension 3
    (With A. Delatorre, M. D. M. Gonzalez and L. Martinazzi) Preprint, (2018). (arXiv)
  19. Singular sulutions for the constant Q-curvature problem
    (With Y. Sire) Preprint (2019). (arXiv)
  20. Singular Yamabe metrics by equivariant reduction
    (With A. Pistoia and Y. Sire)  Preprint (2020). (arXiv)

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