Weight-monodromy conjecture over equal characteristic local fields Ito, Tetsushi
Rational curves and points on K3 surfaces Bogomolov, Fedor Tschinkel, Yuri 1/25/2005
Eta invariants and regularized determinants for odd dimensional hyperbolic manifolds with cusps Park, Jingsung
Kazhdan-Lusztig algorithms for nonlinear groups and applications to Kazhdan-Patterson liftings Trapa, Peter E. Renard, David A. 3/4/2005
Topological Hochschild homology of connective complex K-theory Ausoni, Christian
Vector bundles and theta functions on curves of genus 2 and 3 Beauville, Arnaud
Lower bounds for L-functions at the edge of the critical strip Lapid, Erez Gelbart, S. 3/4/2005
On a priori C^{1,\alpha} and W^{2,p} estimates for a parabolic Monge-Ampere equation in the Gauss curvature flows Huang, Qingbo Lu, Guozhen 3/4/2005
F-regularity of large Schubert varieties Thomsen, Jesper Funch Brion, M. 3/4/2005
The alpha-invariant on toric Fano manifolds Song, Jian
The domain of definition of the complex Monge-Ampere operator Blocki, Zbigniew
On surfaces of class VII^+_0 with numerically anticanonical divisor Dloussky, Georges
Asymptotic cohomological functions on projective varieties K¸ronya, Alex
The deformation spaces of convex RP^2-structures on 2-orbifolds Choi, Suhyoung Goldman, William 4/5/2005
Proof of R. Salvati Manni and J. Top s conjectures on Siegel modular forms and Abelian surfaces Okazaki. Takeo
Positivity in equivariant quantum Schubert calculus Mihalcea, Leonardo Constantin
Quadratic diophantine equations and orders in quaternion algebras Shimura, Goro
Non-tempered A-packets of G_2: Liftings from SL_2 Gan, Wee Teck Gurevich, Nadya 4/5/2005
Cycles with local coefficients for orthogonal groups and vector valued Siegel modular forms Funke, Jens Millson, John 4/5/2005
Holomorphic flexibility of complex manifolds Forstneric, Franc
Augmentation du niveau pour U(3) Graftieaux, Philippe BellaÔche, JoÎl 4/20/2005
Effective multiplicity one on Gl_n and narrow zero-free regions for Rankin-Selberg L-functions Brumley, Farrell
Cohomological quotients and smashing localizations Krause, Henning
Differentiability of the stable norm in codimension one Auer, Franz Bangert, Victor 5/17/2005
Dispersive estimates for the three-dimensional Schr–dinger equation with rough potentials Goldberg, Michael
The displacement map associated to polynomial unfoldings of planar Hamiltonian vector fields Gavrilov, Lubomir Iliev, Iliya D. 6/14/2005
Curvature and rank of Teichm¸ller space Brock, Jeffrey D. Farb, Benson 6/14/2005
Addendum to On a general Thue s equation Zannier, Umberto Corvaja, Pietro 6/14/2005
Chains of points in the Semple tower Lejeune-Jalabert, M
Formulas for multiplier ideals on singular varieties Takagi, Shunsuke
Small schemes and varieties of minimal degree Popescu, Sorin Eisenbud, D. 6/14/2005
The maximum likelihood degree Sturmfels, Bernd Catanese, F. 6/14/2005
Bounded domains which are universal for minimal surfaces MartĖn, Francisco Meeks, William H., III 8/12/2005
Classification, construction, and similitudes of quadratic forms Shimura, Goro
The enumerative geometry of Del Pezzo surfaces via degenerations Coskun, Izzet
Diophantine tori and spectral asymptotics for non-selfadjoint operators Hitrick, Michael Sj–strand, Johannes 8/12/2005
Central critical values of modular L-functions and coefficients of half-integral weight modular forms modulo l Ahlgren, Scott Boylan, Matthew 8/19/2005
Geometric theory of unimodular Pisot substitutions Kwapisz, Jarek Barge, Marcy 9/9/2005
Almost orthogonality properties of products of eigenfunctions and applications to long-time existence for semi-linear Klein-Gordon equations on Zoll manifolds Szeftel, Jeremie Delort, J.-M. 9/16/2005
Sharp Strichartz estimates on non-trapping... Hassell, Andrew Tao, Terence 9/16/2005
Short-time asymptotics of heat kernels for a class of hypoelliptic operators Mansouri, Abdol-Reza Brockett, R. W. 9/16/2005
The Yang-Mills heat flow on the moduli space of framed bundles on a surface Woodward, C. T.
Linear conditions imposed on flag varieties Tymoczko, Julianna S.
HZ-algebra spectra are differential graded algebras Shipley, Brooke
On the SL(2) period integral Anandavardhanan, U. K. Prasad, D. 10/19/2005
Two phase problems for a class of fully nonlinear elliptic operators. Lipschitz free boundaries are $C^{1, \gamma}$ F. Ferrari
Genus-2 Gromov-Witten invariants for manifolds with semisimple quantum cohomology Liu, Xiaobo
On isospectral arithmetical spaces Rajan, C. S.
Transversality of CR-mappings Rothschild, Linda Ebenfelt, Peter 12/12/2005
L^p regularity of averages over curves and bounds for associated maximal operators Seeger, Andreas Pramanik, Malabika 12/12/2005
Affine Stanley symmetric functions Lam, Thomas
Testing analyticity on circles Tumanov, Alexander