Some L^2 results for $\bar \partial$ on projective varieties with general singularities Vassiliadou, Sophia Ovrelid, Nils 2/7/2008
Infinite boundary value problems for constant mean curvature graphs in H^2 × R and S^2 × R Spruck, Joel Hauswirth, Laurent 2/7/2008
Gradient flows on Wasserstein spaces over compact Alexandrov spaces Ohta, Shin-Ichi
Représentations lisses p-tempérées des groupes p-adiques Dat, J.-F.
On the density of unnormalized Tamagawa numbers of orthogonal groups II Yukie, A. Hayasaka, N. 2/7/2008
The first sign change of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms Choie, YoungJu Kohnen, Winfried 2/7/2008
Length of geodesics on a two-dimensional sphere Nabutovsky, Alexander Rotman, Regina 3/14/2008
Slicing, skinning, and grafting Kent, Richard Dumas, David 3/14/2008
Global existence for energy critical waves in 3-D domains: Nuemann boundary conditions Burq, Nicolas Planchon, F. 4/8/2008
Gromov-Witten theory of Deligne-Mumford stacks Abramovich, Dan Graber, Tom 4/9/2008
Rigidity of Schottky sets Bonk, Mario Kleiner, Bruce 4/9/2008
Towards the singular locus of the space of arcs Reguera, Ana J.
On the cuspidal cohomology of arithmetic groups Schwermer, Joachim Li, Jian-Shu 4/9/2008
Multiparameter Riesz commutators Lacey, Michael Petermichl, Stefanie 4/25/2008
Localisations and completions of skew power series rings Venjakob, Otmar Schneider, Peter 4/25/2008
Properties of the solutions of the conjugate heat equations Sesum, Natasa Hamilton, Richard 5/27/2008
Restriction of Fourier transforms to curves and related oscillatory integrals Oberlin, Dan Bak, Jong-Guk 5/27/2008
The coset equivalence relation and topologies on subgroups Solecki, Slawomir
Connectedness at infinity of complete Kähler manifolds and locally symmetric spaces Wang, Jiaping Li, Peter 5/27/2008
The Maslov cocycle, smooth structures and real-analytic complete integrability Butler, Leo
Generalized Krein formula, determinants and Selberg zeta functions in even dimension Guillarmou, Colin
Regulators on additive higher Chow groups Park, Jinhyun
Rigidity of broken geodesic flow and inverse problems Uhlmann, Gunther Kurylev, Yaroslav 6/20/2008
Tubular Neighborhoods of Nodal Sets and Diophantine Approximation Jakobson, Dmitry Mangoubi, Dan 7/3/2008
Q-Gorenstein deformations of nonnormal surfaces Tziolas, Nikolaos
F-injective singularities are DuBois Schwede, Karl E.
Weight decompositions on étale fundamental groups Pridham, J. P.
An intersection formula on Hilbert modular surfaces Yang, Tonghai
GRASSMANNIANS (orginal title was: Cocompact arithmetic subgroups of PU (n 1, 1) with Euler-Poincaré characteristic n and four fake P^4)
Prasad, Gopal Yeung, Sai-Kee 8/18/2008
The Momentum Map in Poisson geometry Fernandes, Rui Loja Ortega, Juan-Pablo 8/18/2008
Minimal surfaces in the three-sphere by doubling the Clifford torus Kapouleas, N. Yang, S.-D. 9/17/2008
On the connected components of moduli spaces of finite flat models Imai, Naoki
Integral concentration of idempotent trigonometric polynomials with gaps Bonami, Aline Revesz, Gy. 9/22/2008
Bergman kernels and equilibrium measures for line bundles over projective manifolds Berman, Robert
The large genus limit of the infimum of the Willmore energy Kuwert, Ernst Li, Yuaxiang 9/22/2008
Hessian and gradient estimates for three dimensional special Lagrangian Equations with large phase Yuan,Yu Warren, Micah 9/22/2008
On the number of nodal domains of random spherical harmonics Sodin, Mikhail Nazarov, Fedor 9/30/2008
On the two dimensional bilinear Hilbert transform Demeter, Ciprian Thiele, Christoph 9/30/2008
Representations of the general linear groups which are irreducible over subgroups Kleshchev, Sasha Tiep, Pham Huu 9/30/2008
Supercuspidal characters of reductive p-adic groups Adler, Jeffrey D. Spice, Loren 9/30/2008
Gerby Localization, Z_3-Hodge Integrals and the GW theory of [C^3/Z_3] Cavalieri, Renzo Cadman, Charles 10/24/2008
Short-time asymptotics of heat kernels for a class of hypoelliptic operators Mansouri, A. Brockett, R. W. 10/24/2008
On Shalika periods and a theorem of Jacquet-Martin Gan, Wee Teck Takeda, Shuichiro 10/24/2008
Heegaard Floer homology and fibred 3-manifolds Ni, Yi
Singularities of solutions to the Shroedinger equation on scattering manifold Nakamura, Shu Ito, Kenichi 11/7/2008
The Kaehler-Ricci flow and K-polystability Szekelyhidi, Gabor
Instability of the Cauchy-Kovalevskaya solution for a class of non-linear systems Lerner, N. Morimoto, Y. 11/10/2008
Weighted norm inequalities for De Branges-Rovnyak spaces and their applications Mashreghi, J. Baranov, A. 11/10/2008
Ricci flow, entropy and optimal transportation Topping, Peter M. McCann, Robert J. 11/10/2008
Fourier restrictions to polynomial curves I: a geometric inequality Wright, Jim Dendrinos, Spyridon 12/5/2008
Two asymptotic problems for a singular nonlinear Schrödinger system Masmoudi, Nader Nakanishi, K. 12/5/2008
Increasing the number of fibered faces of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Dunfield, Nathan Ramakrishnan, Dinakar 12/5/2008
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Arithemetic and differential Swan conductors of rank one representations with finite local monodromy Chiarellotto, Bruno Pulita, Andrea 12/9/2008
Variational constructions for some satellite orbits in periodic gravitational force fields Chen, Kuo-Chang