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Moving codimension-one subvarieties over finite fields Totaro, Burt
The topology of spaces of knots: cosimplicial models Sinha, Dev P.
Characteristic foliation on the discriminant hypersurface of a holomorphic Lagrangian fibration

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The focusing energy-critical nonlinear Schr÷dinger equation in dimensions five and higher Visan, Monica Killip, Rowan 3/20/2009
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Algebraic correspondences between genus three curves and certain Calabi-Yau varieties Terasoma, Tomohide
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The Horn conjecture for sums of compact selfadjoint operators Bercovici, Hari Li, W. S. 6/5/2009
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Blaschke valuations Haberl, Christoph
Local-to-global extensions for ${\rm GL}_n$ in non-zero characteristic: a characterization of $\gamma_F(s,\pi,\Sym^2,\psi)$ and $\gamma_F(s,\pi,\wedge^2,\psi)$ Lomeli, L. Henniart, G. 6/12/2009
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Generic Uniqueness of Area Minimizing Disks for Extreme Curves Coskunuzer, Baris
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Does Khovanov homology detect the unknot?
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Irreducible cuspidal representations with prescribed local behavior Gross, Benedict H.
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p-adic elliptic polylogarithm, p-adic Eisenstein series and Katz measure
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Existence and classification of characteristic points at blow-up for a semilinear wave equation in one space dimension Zaag, Hatem Merle, Frank 12/15/2009