Welcome to the math webpage of Alex Mramor!

About me:

My current position is as a J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University mentored by Jacob Bernstein, which I will hold until spring 2022. Before I was a graduate student at UC Irvine as a student of Rick Schoen. My research thus far is concentrated in the mean curvature flow but my interests in geometric analysis are broad.

My papers etc. can be found here


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Seminars and colloquia and JHU:

I help out with the following at JHU:

The JHU analysis and PDE seminar: weekly seminar talks cover a broad spectrum of both analysis and geometry.

The JHU junior colloquium: Informal, general (math) audience talks given by postdocs, professors, and occasionally visitors.

Course pages:

Fall 2020: Real analysis 1 (math 405) and introduction to curvature flows (math 745). The page for curvature flows is here but real analysis will be ran more exclusively out of blackboard: I'll fill out a webpage for it here for my own record keeping in due time though.

Past Teaching