webpage for math 602, graduate algebra ii, spring 2017

brian smithling
email: bds at math dot jhu dot edu
phone: 410-516-4047
office: krieger 301
office hours: mw 3-4

  • some practice problems (v3) for the last week/qualifying exam
  • midterm 2 solutions
  • midterm 2 statistics: mean 25.25/40, high 28/40. everyone did just fine again.
  • some practice problems for midterm 2
  • midterm 1 solutions
  • midterm 1 statistics: mean 28/40, high 33/40. everyone did just fine.
  • previous year's midterm, some extra practice problems (v2)
  • the material that's fair game for the midterm is everything we've covered in class up to and including section viii.4 (ordered by when we covered it, not by where it appears in lang!)
  • there will be no class on 3/6 and 3/8, on 3/13 and 3/15, and again on 4/3 and 4/5. there will be make-up classes on thursday 3/16 at 2:00 in maryland 309, and on the following fridays at 12:00 in gilman 313: 3/17, 3/31, 4/14, 4/21, and 4/28

    weekly schedule
    mw 10:00-11:20, bloomberg 276
    here's a guide to the (numerous) abbreviations i use when lecturing

    Serge Lang, Algebra (Revised Third Edition), 2002.

    course content
    this course will be a continuation of math 601. the expected topics are galois theory, extensions of rings, transcendental extensions, representations of one endomorphism, the tensor product, semisimplicity, and representations of finite groups.

    homework will be assigned throughout the week and due the following monday. late assignments will not be accepted, unless you have obtained written confirmation (over email) of an extension from me in advance. you are strongly encouraged to collaborate with each other on homework, but your assignments must be written up independently and in your own words. copying is forbidden.

    zhaoning yang
    email: zyang32 at math dot jhu dot edu

    there will be an in-class midterm on wednesday, march 29. the second midterm will be on friday, may 5, in krieger 413 from 12:00-1:20.

    if you have to miss either midterm for a documented, legitimate excuse, then the corresponding component of your final grade will be calculated by prorating your final exam score. in case of sickness, a doctor's note must be obtained on or promptly after the exam date. there will be no make-up exams.

    grading scheme
    60% homework, 20% each midterm