Math 617 - Number theory (Modular forms)

Course description

Meeting times: Fridays from 9:00 to 11:30am, in Schaffer 302; note that this differs from the official class meeting time.

Topics: This is a first graduate course on modular forms. Topics will include congruence subgroups, modular forms, complex tori, elliptic curves, modular curves, dimension formulas, Eisenstein series, Hecke operators, and others.

Reference: The main reference for the course is A first course on modular forms by Fred Diamond and Jerry Shurman.

Prerequisites: Complex analysis, algebra (particularly group actions), elementary number theory, point-set topology.

Evaluation: Submit 20 solutions before 12 December, with at least one exercise coming from each problem set; you are free to choose the among the remaining exercises as you wish.

Typed notes

I will be replacing the handwritten notes with typed notes.

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