Jesse Gell-Redman

Formerly: J.J. Sylverster Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Johns Hopkins University
CV: here

Contact information

Email: jgell 'at' 

Research interests

partial differential equations, differential geometry, geometric microlocal analysis.

  1. Equidistribution of phase shifts in obstacle scattering. With Maxime Ingremeau.
    On arxiv.

  2. Spectral and Hodge theory of `Witt' incomplete cusp edge spaces. With Jan Swoboda.
    On arxiv. Submitted.

  3. The distribution of phase shifts for semiclassical potentials with polynomial decay. With Andrew Hassell.
    On arxiv. Submitted.

  4. The index of Dirac operators on incomplete edge spaces. With Pierre Albin.
    On arxiv. Submitted.

  5. The Feynman propagator on perturbations of Minkowski space. With Nick Haber, and Andras Vasy.
    Communications in Mathematical Physics, Volume 342, Issue 1, 2016, Pages 333–384.

  6. Harmonic maps into conic surfaces with cone angles less than 2π.
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  10. Hodge cohomology of some fibred boundary and fibred cusp metrics. With Frederic Rochon.
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  11. Shrinking the period lengths of continued fractions while still capturing convergents. With Edward B. Burger, Ross Kravitz, Daniel Walton, and Nicholas Yates.
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