Mike Limarzi

Department of Mathematics
Johns Hopkins University

3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-2686

Office: 411 Krieger Hall
E-mail: mlimarzi@math.jhu.edu


My Teaching Statement

My Research Statement

My Publications:

1.   On a Cohomological Study of Heisenberg Groups over the Ring of Algebraic Integers, preprint available here.

2.   Determining i_gamma when K is the Splitting Field of x^3 - 2, preprint available here.

Previous Courses

Fall 2010: Calculus I

Spring 2010: Online Multivariable Calculus

Spring 2010: Calculus I

Fall 2009: Calculus I

Summer 2009: Intro to Calculus

Fall 2008: Calculus I

Spring 2008: Calculus II

Fall 2007: Calculus I

Summer 2007: Online Calculus II

Fall 2006: Calculus III

Summer 2006: Calculus II

Spring 2006: Calculus II

Fall 2005: Calculus I

Spring 2005: Calculus II

Fall 2004: Calculus II


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