Upcoming talks

AMS Sectional Meeting, Special session on homotopy theory, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, April 13-14 2018

Equivariant homotopy theory and K-theory, FU Berlin, June 18-22, 2018

Equivariant and Motivic Homotopy Conference (Homotopy Harnessing Higher Structures Program), Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, August 2018

Research talks/ invited seminar talks

Tetrahedral Geometry and Topology Seminar, Lancaster, April 2018

AMS Sectional Meeting, special session on homotopy theory, Ohio State University, Columbus, 2018

Midwest Topology Seminar, Northwestern, March 2018

Colloquium, Florida State University, December 2017

Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, December 2017

Colloquium, Notre Dame, December 2017

Colloquium, University of Melbourne, November 30 2017

Lloyd Roeling Conference, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, November 2017

AMS Sectional Meeting, special session on algebraic topology, Buffalo, September 2017

Cascade Topology Conference, Vancouver, May 2017

Notre Dame topology seminar, March 2017

Maryland University topology seminar, January 2017

Wayne State topology seminar, November 2016

Reed Colloquium, Portland, November 2016

Rochester topology seminar, October 2016

Hausdorff Institute for Mathematics, Bonn, September 2016

Operations in highly structures homology theories, Banff, Canada, May 2016

Equivariant derived algebraic geometry, Banff, Canada, February 2016

Virginia topology seminar, October 2015

Trace methods summer school, Regensburg, August 2015

Equivariant and motivic homotopy theory conference, Reed College, May 2015

UIUC topology seminar, May 2015

UC San Diego Number Theory/Topology Seminar, March 2015

Johns Hopkins Topology Seminar, March 2015

AMW workshop at AMS joint meetings, January 2015

MIT topology seminar, December 2014

Young Topologists Meeting, Copenhagen, June 2014 (abstract)

MSRI Connections for women workshop, January 2014

AMS joint meetings, special session on homotopy theory, Baltimore, January 2014

Northwestern topology seminar, December 2013

AMS special session on homotopy theory and algebraic K-theory, Riverside, November 2013

Graduate Student Topology Conference, University of Notre Dame, April 2013

UIUC topology seminar, February 2013

AMS joint meetings, Washington DC, January 2009 (abstract)

AMS joint meetings, San Diego, January 2008 (abstract)

AMS joint meetings, New Orleans, January 2007 (abstract)

Expository talks given at workshops and conferences

Social choice and topology
University of Chicago REU, Chicago, July 2016

An introduction to Algebraic K-theory
Undergraduate conference on geometry and topology (faculty talk), University of Texas, Austin, February 2016

Model categories of diagram spectra
MSRI algebraic topology summer school, MSRI, Berkeley, June 2013

Construction of the Waldhausen algebraic K-theory spectrum
West coast algebraic topology summer school, Stanford University, Palo Alto, July 2012

Introduction to Algebraic K-theory (notes live-texed by Aaron Mazel-Gee)
West coast algebraic topology summer school, Washington University, Seattle, August, 2011

Some talks I gave in the Proseminar at Uchicago

Grothendieck Riemann-Roch and the history of algebraic K-theory, February 2013

Equivariant diagram spectra, November 2012

Equivariant stable homotopy theory, 2 talks, May 2012 (Among other things, I used Anna Marie Bohmann's notes Basic notions in homotopy theory, which provide a great summary)

Waldhausen categories and the additivity theorem, January 2012

Additivity theorem in K-theory, October 2011 (continued the following quarter)

Q-construction, and proof of plus=Q theorem, October 2011

Equivariant algebraic K-theory, May 2011

Algebraic K-theory, March 2011 (Topic Exam)