In the spring of 2018, I am teaching math 106, Calculus I for biology.

Unless there is a link for the class, it means that the class webpage in on blackboard.

This fall, Richard Brown and I are also organizing a pilot version of the Directed Reading Program at Johns Hopkins. This is inspired by the program with the same name that I was a part of at the University of Chicago.

Past teaching

At Johns Hopkins:

Spring 2018: Math 106, Calculus I for biology
Fall 2017: Math 727, Topics in Algebraic Topology
Fall 2017: Math 615, Graduate Algebraic Topology I
Spring 2017: Math 422, Representation Theory
Spring 2017: Math 616, Graduate Algebraic Topology II
Spring 2016: Math 422, Representation Theory
Spring 2016: Math 401, Advanced Algebra I
Fall 2015: Math 328, Non-Euclidean geometry inquiry based learning (IBL) style
Fall 2015: Math 401, Advanced Algebra I
Spring 2015: Math 107, Calculus II for biology
Fall 2014: Math 328, Non-Euclidean Geometry, inquiry based learning (IBL) style

At the University of Chicago:

As an instructor:
Winter 2014: Math 176, Geometry IBL, co-taught with John Boller
Spring 2013: Math 112, Studies in Mathematics
Winter 2012: Math 153, Calculus III
Fall 2012: Math 152, Calculus II
Spring 2012: Math 112, Studies in mathematics
Winter 2012: Math 106, Precalculus II
Fall 2011: Math 105, Precalculus I

As a college fellow:
Spring 2011: Math 256, Basic Algebra III (mentor: Liang Xiao)
Winter 2011: Math 255, Basic Algebra II (mentor: Rina Anno)
Fall 2010: Math 254, Basic Algebra I (mentor: David Constantine)

Directed Reading Program:
I was a committee member and mentor for the Directed Reading Program (DRP).

I had the pleasure of supervising the following students:

Jay Shah, currently at MIT
Elden Elmanto, currently at Northwestern University
Bill Zhou

I supervised the following projects:
Fall 2013: Bill Zhou, Algebra and basic algebraic topology
Spring 2013: Elden Elmanto, Chromatic homotopy theory
Winter 2012: Elden Elmanto, Algebraic K-theory
Fall 2012: Elden Elmanto, Atiyah-Segal completion theorem
Spring 2012: Elden Elmanto, Cohomology operations
Winter 2012: Elden Elmanto, Advanced algebraic topology
Fall 2011: Elden Elmanto, Model categories
Spring 2011: Jay Shah, Model categories

At Bard College, I worked as a math tutor for the Bard Academic Resources Center.