About me

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow of the Swiss NSF at Johns Hopkins, working with Emily Riehl. I am a coorganizer of the JHU topology seminar, together with Valentin Zakharevich.

I got my PhD in 2017 at EPF Lausanne (Switzerland), under the supervision of Kathryn Hess.

Starting July 2019, I will be an MSI fellow at the Australian National University. I will also be a postdoctoral member of the MSRI program on Higher categories and categorification during January-May 2020.


I do algebraic topology, homotopy theory and higher category theory.

My current research, joint in different combinations with Julie Bergner, Daniel Fuentes-Keuthan, Magdalena Kedziorek, and Viktoriya Ozornova, focuses on studying the homotopy theory of higher categories (e.g., comparing models of (∞,n)-categories and developing certain aspects of the theory of (∞,1)-categories).

I also have a series of papers (joint with Julie Bergner, Angélica Osorno, Viktoriya Ozornova and Claudia Scheimbauer) on the topic of 2-Segal spaces and their relation with the Waldhausen construction.

My PhD thesis focused on the study of homotopy invariants of principal bundles and geometric interpretations of characteristic classes.

Bundles and characteristic classes