110.201 Linear Algebra

General Information

Summer 2019
MTWTh 9:00AM-12.15pm, Krieger Hall, Room 302
First day of class is Tuesday, May 28th.

Instructor: Nitu Kitchloo
Email: nitu(at)math(dot)jhu(dot)edu
Text: Linear Algebra with Applications, Otto Bretscher, Fifth Edition

Course Description
Vector spaces, matrices, and linear transformations. Solutions of systems of linear equations. Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization of matrices. Applications to differential equations.

4 credits
The core course material will center on the text and will cover most of the material in chapters 1-7 of the textbook. Parts of chapters 8 and 9 may also be covered if time permits. Here is a link to a rough outline of the schedule. Course Syllabus

Grading Policy
Homework : 15 %
Midterm Exam : 35%
Final : 50%

Homeworks will be turned in on Mondays and are based on the sections covered in prior week's lectures. The first HW is due June 3 and the last one on June 24 . The HW questions will be sent to you by email a week in advance. The solutions for these questions are available in the textbook but you are encouraged to work on the homework in groups. However, the material on your HW sheet must be written up by yourself. We will discuss the HW in class on Mondays when it is turned in. You may be called upon to present the solution to a HW problem in class. Your grader will grade selected problems and return the HW to you the following week. In calculating your HW grade, we will drop your lowest HW score.

There will be one inclass midterm (on June 10 ) and one inclass final exam (on June 25 ). Books or calculators will not be allowed, but you may bring a regular sized (double sided) hand written cheat-sheet. You have the class period of one lecture when the exam is returned to you to bring up grading errors or omissions. You may not take the exam home and bring it back for corrections.

Exam Solutions
Here are the solutions to the first midterm: Exam 1 Solutions.

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