Sui Tang
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Mathematics
Johns Hopkins University
3400 North Charles Street, Baltimore, 21218
I am currently working with Prof. Mauro Maggioni. My research interests include inverse problems, applied and
computational harmonic analysis, and statistical learning theory. Here is my CV.
2011-2016 Vanderbilt University; Mathematics; PhD; Advisor: Prof. Akram Aldroubi.
2007-2010 Sun Yat-Sen University; Mathematics; B.S.
Journal Papers
Y. Eldar, W. Liao, and S. Tang. Sensor Calibration for Spectral Estimation Off the Grid. arXiv:1707.03378
A. Aldroubi, I. Krishtal, and S. Tang. Phaseless reconstruction from space-time samples. arXiv:1706.05360.
C. Lai and S. Tang. Undersampled windowed exponentials, spectra of Toeplitz operators and its applications. arXiv:1702.01887.
S. Tang. Universal spatial-temporal sampling sets for discrete spatially invariant evolution systems. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,
63(9): 5518-5528, 2017.
S. Tang. System Identification in Dynamical Sampling. Advance in Computational Mathematics, 43(3): 555-580, 2017.
A. Aldroubi, C. Cabrelli, U. Molter, and S. Tang. Dynamical Sampling. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, 42(3): 378-401,
R. Aceska, A. Petrosyan, and S. Tang. Multidimensional Signal Recovery in Discrete Evolution Systems via Spatiotemporal Trade Off.
Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing, 14(2): 153-169, 2015.
Book Chapters
R. Aceska and S. Tang. Dynamical sampling in hybrid shift invariant spaces. Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematics Society,
Providence, 626:149-166, 2014.
Conference Proceedings
A. Grim, B. Iskra, N. Ju, A. Kryshchenko, F.P. Medina, L. Ness, M. Ngamini, M. Owen, R. Paffenroth, and S. Tang. Analysis of simulated
crowd flow exit data: visualization, panic detection, exit time convergence, attribution and estimation, 2018, submitted to Research in Data
Science, Proceeding of 2017 WiSDM workshop.
A. Aldroubi, I. Krishtal, and S. Tang. Phase retrieval of evolving signals from space-time samples. Proceeding of 12th international conference
on Sampling Theory and Applications, 2017.
S. Tang. Filter Recovery in Infinite Spatially Invariant Evolutionary Systems via Spatiotemporal Trade off. Proceeding of 11th international
conference on Sampling Theory and Applications, 2015.
R. Aceska, A. Petrosyan, and S. Tang. Dynamical sampling of two-dimensional temporally-varying signals. Proceeding of 11th international
conference on Sampling Theory and Applications, 2015.
Fall 2017: 443 Fourier Analysis
Spring 2018: 212 Honors Linear Algebra
2018 July, Minisymposium on "Harmonic analysis in signal and imaging processing", Siam Annual meeting, Portland, OR.
2018 May, Seventh International Conference on Computational Harmonic Analysis (ICCHA7), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
2018 Feb, Workshop on applied harmonic analysis and sampling theory, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL