tslil clingman

How does one begin a website? What should be the first sentence to meet the reader's eyes? I have elected to circumvent this predicament by, careful readers may note, omitting the first sentence of this website entirely.


my CV

I am a 3rd year graduate student, my supervisor is Emily Riehl.

My interests are: formal category theory, higher categories, and homotopy type theory.

Today's day of the day is this joke requires javascript :(.

📧 tslil@jhu.edu
201 Krieger Hall, 3400 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218


Here you can find some of the things i have written up. Usually this is because i thought they were interesting, sometimes the notes were intended to help me better understand things, and sometimes they represent a transcript of my explorations. In no particular order,

Organisational Roles





What do i do when i'm not doing maths? A small catalogue of some of my endeavours