Welcome to the website for Honors Single Variable Calculus (AS110.113). Course announcements will be posted on this page. You can find links to the class syllabus, schedule, notes, homework assignments, and some resources above. My contact information is below. Class meetings are on MWF from 1:30 to 2:45 in Krieger 309. My office hours are on Thursday from 4 to 5 p.m. in Krieger 202. Our TA, Alex Grounds, holds office hours on Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. in Krieger 201. Both of us are also available by appointment, and appointments are easy to make by email!

(Composition V, Piet Mondrian—see it at the Baltimore Museum of Art!)


  • (12/7) Here is the final list of topics for the final exam.
  • (11/30)Inquiry 11 and HW11 posted.
  • (11/16)Inquiry 10 and HW10 posted.
  • (11/9) HW9 posted. Also, here is some information about the final exam.
  • (11/2)Inquiry 9 and HW8 posted.
  • (10/26)Inquiry 8 and HW7 posted.
  • (10/19)Inquiry 7 and HW6 posted.
  • (10/12) Inquiry 6 and HW5 posted.
  • (10/5) Inquiry 5, HW4, and beginning of notes on derivatives posted
  • (10/2) Complete (pun intended) notes on least upper bounds have been posted. HW4 will be posted on Wednesday.
  • (9/24) HW 3 posted (due Wednesday, 10/5)
  • (9/21) Inquiry 3 posted. Notes on continuity (Ch. 6 in Spivak) posted.
  • (9/14)Update: everything has been pushed back a day. HW2 is now due on Friday, 9/21. Inquiry 2 will be presented on Monday, 9/19 and turned in on Wednesday, 9/21.
  • (9/13)Homework 2 and Inquiry 2 have been posted. The limit notes I posted on Monday have been somewhat significantly revised.
  • (9/6) Homework 1 has been posted (due 9/14). I have also posted notes (on logic and proof) through the rest of the week.
  • (9/5) Inquiry 1 has been posted. You will work on it on Wednesday, present it on Friday, and turn it in the following Monday.
  • (9/2) I have posted the notes for the first day of class. The first Inquiry and homework assignment will be posted this weekend.
  • (8/30)I have updated the syllabus. I also posted the schedule for the first few weeks and links to some resources.
  • (8/17) Welcome! More content will be added in the next week or two. Our first class will be on Friday, September 2.

Contact information

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