Tom Wright's Job-Related Materials

Take a look below at my application materials, papers, teaching evaluations, and some blog posts I made:
Application Documents
Teaching statement
Research statement

On The Convergence of Singular Series for a Pair of Quadratic Forms

Published Mathematics Articles:
On Cantor's First Uncountability Proof, Pick's Theorem, and the Irrationality of the Golden Ratio (joint with Mike Krebs), Appears in Amer. Math. Monthly, Volume 117, Issue 7 (2010), 633-637.
The Impossibility of Certain Types of Carmichael Numbers Appears in INTEGERS 12 (2012), A31, 1-13.

Non-Math Articles:
If I Could Do it Over, Appeared on Inside Higher Ed (, October 27, 2010 (it's a slightly edited version of the "What not to do in a job search" blog post referenced below)
Just One Question, Appeared on Inside Higher Ed (, February 9, 2011 (a reprint of the "Why Do You Want To Work Here" blog post)
The Money Round, Appeared on Inside Higher Ed (, May 2, 2011

Refereed Papers:
On the Connection Between Igusa Local Zeta Functions and Generalized Exponential Sums (revised and resubmitted to the Proceedings of the AMS)

Other Papers:
Adelic Singular Series and the Goldbach Conjecture
The Brauer-Manin Obstruction and Cyclic Algebras (submitted)
An Elementary Approach To Euler's Concordant Forms (submitted)
On The Convergence of Singular Series for a Pair of Quadratic Forms (short expository version, submitted)

A Friendly Introduction to My Thesis (a simplified, possibly even humorous (?) exposition of my thesis for the layperson).
A Friendly Introduction to the Riemann Hypothesis (in case you were curious)

Notes from Takashi Ono's Lectures on Waring's Problem and the Hardy Littlewood Method

Prime Gaps and the Adeles
Convergence of Singular Series for a Pair of Quadratic Forms


Professor Evaluations
Spring 2010, Calculus 1 and Number Theory

Fall 2009, Number Theory

TA Evaluations
Fall 2008, section 1
Fall 2008, section 2
Spring 2008
Fall 2007
Fall 2004-Spring 2007

- Mathematics Excellence in Teaching Award, May 2009
- Finalist for Teaching Assistant of the Year, Johns Hopkins University, March 2008
- William Kelso Morrill Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching, May 2006
My posts on the AMS Grad Student Blog:
Advice for a beginning TA
Finding an advisor
What not to do in a job search
What not to do in a job search (Joint Meetings edition)
The "Why do you want to work here?" question

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