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W. Stephen Wilson

Department of
and the
School of Education
421 Krieger Hall
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

My field of interest and research is homotopy theory, generally from an algebraic viewpoint. I tend to specialize in the use and development of complex (co)bordism, Brown-Peterson (co)homology and Morava K-theory.

In addition, I am a Professor in the School of Education as a result of my interest in K-12 mathematics education. This interest led to a full time position for 8 months of 2006 when I served as Senior Advisor for Mathematics in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, United States Department of Education. I own lots of suits and ties now.

The Linear Algebra Video Library is a collection of Linear Algebra videos made with the support of the Provost's office through a Gateway Science Inititative grant. Videos were first posted in September 2012. The number should increase regularly (weekly?). At present, all the videos are on linear algebra. This is not intended as a coherent on-line course, but there are sequences of videos on particular topics such as least squares approximation, a formula for Fibonacci numbers, and the development of quotient spaces. Many videos are and will be solutions to old linear algebra exams. However, make note, requests for videos are much appreciated.

For my CV, educational activities and papers.

My personal Home page, where most things are.


S.B. M.I.T. 1968 (officially 1969)

S.M. M.I.T. 1969

Ph.D. M.I.T. 1972 under the direction of Franklin P. Peterson (1930-2000).

60th birthday conference stuff. Slides for my talk and photos of the conference and banquet. Keep in mind that these were mostly taken by my son Saul, which explains why there are 300+ of them. The whole collection runs about 1.3GB.

Recent K-12 Education Activities

Recent Papers

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