Math 211, Honors Multivariable Calculus, Spring 2018

Instructor: Xudong Zheng

Office: 313 Krieger Hall
Tel: +1-(410)-516-0156

Lectures: MW noon - 1:15 Hodson 211
Office Hours: MW 11 - noon

If these times are unsuitable, you may arrange an appointment (email or call)

TA sections: Aurel Malapani (, F noon - 12:50, Krieger 309

Textbook: Vector Calculus, 4th Edition, Colley, S.J., Pearson, October 2011


Syllabus: Here is the week-by-week schedule (subject to change). The Chapter listings are from Colley.


Week 1. Ch. 1

Week 2. Ch. 2.1-2.3

Week 3. Ch. 2.4-2.6

Week 4. Ch. 3.1-3.2

Week 5. Ch. 3.3-3.4

Week 6. [Exam 1: Weeks 1-4], Ch. 4.1-4.2

Week 7. Ch. 4.3, 5.1-5.2


Week 8. Ch. 5.3-5.4

Week 9. Ch. 5.5, 6.1-6.2

Week 10. [Exam 2: Weeks 5-8] Ch. 6.3

Week 11. Ch. 7.1-7.2

Week 12. Ch. 7.3

Week 13. Ch. 8

Midterm 1: in class, Monday, March 5.
Midterm 2: in class, Monday April 9.
Final Exam: TBA.

There will be two Midterms and a Final. You may not use books, notes or calculators during the exams. The midterms will be given on Mon March 5 and Mon April 9, and will cover the sections of the textbook from which homework assignments were returned to the students prior to those dates.

Students with documented disabilities or other special needs that require accommodation must register with the Office of Academic Advising. After that, contact the instructor at least 5 days prior to each exam; we will need to have received confirmation from Academic Advising.

The Final will be a 3-hour exam that is comprehensive of the entire course. The Final will weight the material beyond the second Midterm, i.e., of Weeks 10-13, so that each week of the course contributes more or less equally to the determination of the course grade (see description of the grading method below).

Anyone who misses an exam must make arrangements within two days of the missed exam for a make-up exam. We require proof of a valid excuse.

Course description: This is a course in the calculus of functions of more than one independent variable, but with a strong emphasis on the theory underlying this calculus. Topics include the analytic geometry of the graphs of either scalar or vector-valued functions, limits, continuity, partial derivatives and their applications, including optimization, multiple integrals, including line and surface integrals, and the big three theorems of Green, Stokes, and Gauss. Also, included are a discussion of the Implicit and Inverse Functions Theorems as well as a basic introduction to differential forms, allowing for a development of the Generalized Stokes Theorem.

Additional Details: This course includes all of the material in 110.202 Calculus III but with a strong emphasis on theory and proofs. It is recommended only for mathematics majors or mathematically able students majoring in physical science or engineering. This course satisfies a core requirement for both the mathematics major and minor and satisfies all of the same requirements as AS.110.202.

Course Prerequisites: AS.110.109 Calculus II OR AS.110.113 Honors Single Variable Calculus, or the equivalent of a full year of single variable calculus AND AS.110.201 Linear Algebra OR AS.110.212 Honors Linear Algebra.

Grade Policy: The following components contribute to your total grades. Grades will be regularly updated in Blackboard.


Homework: Assignments are given on-line each week (usually by Tuesday). They are usually due the next Friday. Ordinarily, we will refuse to accept late homework. Problems need to be done in order to develop command of the material, and thereby to prepare yourself for the exams. In writing up any problem, you are to show all steps leading up to your solution.
Selected problems will be graded and returned in the recitation.

You are encouraged to discuss the material with other students. However, you are to write up your homework solutions by yourself.

Sec. 1.2.   20, 27, 30, 37
Sec. 1.3.   13, 19
Sec. 1.4.   20
Sec. 1.5.   8, 18 
Sec. 1.6.   10, 18, 30, 36 
Sec. 1.7.   38

Sec. 2.1.   read "Quadric surfaces", 4, 7, 31
Sec. 2.2.   6, 9, 22, 30 (read 1.7 "polar coordinates"), 46, 51
Sec. 2.3.   8, 9, 34, 40, 58
Sec. 2.4.   13

Sec. 2.4.   23, 25, 28
Sec. 2.5.   4, 11, 13, 17, 29, 31, 32
Sec. 2.6.   4, 8, 18, 23, 40

Sec. 3.1.   27, 28, 32, 33
Sec. 3.2.   5, 6, 10, 15, 17, 20, 38, 40
Sec. 3.3.   21, 23, 27

Help Room: 213 Kreiger Hall. The hours are 9am - 9pm on Monday through Thursday, and 9am - 5pm on Friday. This free service is a very valuable way to get one-on-one help on the current material of a class from other students outside the course. It is staffed by graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

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